Scooping smoothly

SEAGLE is designed for safe operations in the most demanding situations. Scooping water from a sleeping lake appears as a quiet task for the pilot while scooping from a windy sea surface can be very stressful. This particular flight phase is obviously dangerous and always more risky than landing on the ground in any well equipped airport. The most innovative breakthrough of SEAGLE is the fuselage shaped with hydrofoils. This well known marine technology is making the perfect buffer between the aerodynamics flight laws and the hydrodynamics laws of scooping. Beyond the center of the fuselage is located the slicer that will load the SEAGLE safely.


2 main - 2 front


4 scooping heads

Flying agily

SEAGLE is designed as an agile bird. The bombing load is as much possible centered and close to the wings. SEAGLE likes the rides between the hills. SEAGLE likes the very short turnaround. SEAGLE likes dynamic approaches in very turbulent environments. And it likes to get out fast from the fire zone. The aerostructure is accepting up to 3.5 G load factor in order to face the worst turbulences generated alongside the fire lines.

Cruise speed

250 KTS


1550 NM

Piloting with precision

SEAGLE is entirely designed from scratch, with pilots and for pilots, with the best architectural tools, with passion for the right aircraft. SEAGLE is offering a new visage to the firefighting community. A modern image and great capacities. The new cockpit is directly inspired from fighter jets or acrobatic aircraft with a full 360° view for the crew. It makes the flight safe, comfortable, precise.


2 crew - 1 fireman - 1 pax


Seaplane and firefighter

Bombing more water

SEAGLE is designed to adress the 'big fires'. First we want to avoid them, therefore SEAGLE is the perfect watchman able to react fast and prevent any borning fire to grow out of control. The double tank architecture is giving great flexibility to the operator. Flying with half load water or retardant allows long and cheap armed guard flights. While the full capacity makes the SEAGLE the best firefighter aircraft ever. Undisputed.

Total capacity

12000 litres


4 tanks

Less maintenance for more flight hours

We pay much attention from the beginning to the entire life of SEAGLE. Since composite materials are gaining more and more applications in our industry, we have chosen to build the SEAGLE mainly with this new material and process approach. It makes the aircraft lighter as a first advantage. The second advantage is obvious, the structure will offer high resistance to water and salt corrosion. In the same way, the landing gears are fully retractable in their waterproof cavity. The modular design of the body, wings and foils is preventing costly reparations in case of any damage during scooping or even bombing process.


32 tons


Composite & metal protection